There are many ways to help Save A Sato and all of over the 300  sato friends that lives and sleeps on our shelter daily and needs, the best care possible to be later adopted. We encourage you to spread the word about our work and mission, let your friends and co-workers know that we exist and invite them to visit this website and follow us on Facebook, to get to know us. A good initiative with friends is to collect food, supplies and other things that helps our satos on the shelter to have a better stay while they are on rehabilitation! Here is a PDF list on items that we need in a every month basic for our dogs and cats, please feel free to download it and print it. In there you can also find instruction on how we can get this supplies from you.

-Donation Wish List-

-Veterinary Donation Wish List-


 We accept any donations that you want to make for our satos, and if you want to make a fundraiser in the name of the satos, we will really be grateful for that.


Any fundraiser made on Facebook, or the GoFundme website is a good way to help us, and we have confirmed that after the end of any campaign, they deposit the donations to our bank accounts in a matter of weeks.



But the best way to help our satos, fast and secure is by donations made on Paypal, directly to the shelter.

Even if you do not have a Paypal account you can enter your credit card on their website and they can make an secure online payment that we will receive in a matter of minutes. Because we are registered as a charitable non- profit organization, if you make a donation by Paypal, at the end of the year you will receive from them evidence and reports for your tax deductions.

If you wish to donate for the satos, any amount of money by Paypal, please click on the button below. Any amount is good and you are making miracles with your donations for our satos!


And of course, we have our traditional mail! if you want to send us a check or money order you can endorse it to Save A Sato and send us by mail to

Save A Sato Foundation

P.O. Box 37694, San Juan PR 00937